Noventa di Piave (shopping) & Verona, 2 days, hotel 4* bed / breakfast

Noventa di Piave (shopping)  & Verona, 2 days, hotel 4* bed / breakfast
Via Gian Matteo Giberti 7, Verona, Veneto 37122, Italy
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We organize Shopping in Noventa di Piave and a trip to Verona, (Saturday/Sunday)

OFFER: 2 days - price per person €285
(included in the price: bed and breakfast in ½ room, tourist tax, transport ZG- Noventa - Verona - ZG)

Transportation: Van Mercedes 8+1
Number of people: 7

Departure: at 7:00 a.m., in front of the Lisinski hall (or by arrangement)
Return: at 16:00 to Zagreb

Minimum number of people: 6

We ask all those interested to confirm the reservation for accommodation in the hotel (there are still places)

1 day – Zagreb - Noventa di Piave - Verona
• rest (30 min.) rest stop Lom (SLO),
• 10:45 a.m. arrival in Noventi di Piave, shopping.
• after shopping, the journey continues to Verona,
• check-in at the hotel, free time, overnight stay at the hotel

2 days in Verona
• breakfast at the hotel,
• check-out from the hotel by 11:00 a.m.
• after check-out from the hotel (loading the luggage into the van) free time

(if desired, there are many cultural and historical monuments to visit, especially many well-preserved ones from the Roman period. Verona is an ancient city, and its history goes back to Roman times. The river Adige flows through it, and the colorful winding streets, lively bars make it a beautiful city , intimate restaurants and bustling squares. Lovers of Renaissance art will find plenty of interest in museums and churches, while lovers of ancient history will enjoy the Roman ruins hidden throughout the city. Die-hard romantics will enjoy all the monuments dedicated to Romeo and Juliet, even though they are fictional. Info for Verona

• by agreement around 4 pm return to Zagreb.

What to see in Verona:

Piazza delle Erbe
Among the top 10 things to do and see in Verona is Piazza delle Erbe. This beautiful square is located in the very heart of the historic center of Verona. Admire the magnificent architecture of the square, including the Town Hall (on the north side), with its imposing Torre dei Lamberti, the richly frescoed walls of the Mazzanti houses, the Palazzo Maffei, finished in the Baroque style (recognizable for its statues depicting Greek gods) and the oldest part of the square : fountain. It contains a statue of the Madonna of Verona, which actually dates back to the era of Roman rule. Piazza delle Erbe also has several restaurants and bars scattered around, where you can drink a spritz, a real tradition here in Verona.

• Julia's balcony
Hidden a few hundred meters from Piazza delle Erba, Juliet's balcony is the reason why most tourists flock to Verona, the city of tragic love stories. Indeed, Shakespeare inspired his famous play with a true story of family rivalry, forbidden love and strife, all set in Verona during the 1300s. The names Montecchi and Capuletti were bona fide rival political factions at the time, and you can visit their respective homes. The love story between Romeo and Juliet had long been popular in Verona, and Shakespeare was just one of many playwrights who jumped into it and expressed themselves. In the Juliet's House museum (which includes Juliet's balcony) there are excerpts from various sources and exhibits that help tell a story to visitors. The balcony can be seen even without entering the museum.

• Arena in Verona
This gigantic piece of Roman architecture is located in the characteristic Piazza della Bra and is truly unmissable, given its size and magnificence. During its peak (around 130-1100), the arena could hold 30,000 spectators and was one of the largest of its kind in the world. The games presented here were often so spectacular that Verona attracted large and impressive crowds of visitors from all over the Roman Empire.

• Castelvecchio
Located on what was probably once a Roman fortress just outside the city walls, Castelvecchio is a square-plan fortress that was the most powerful military structure in Verona during the Middle Ages. Although not particularly decorative (it was designed to be functional after all), the castle is now home to the Castelvecchio Museum and Gallery. The castle and museum are easily accessible from the city and are perfect for a half-day visit to Verona.

• Lamberti Tower
Back in the city (again in Piazza delle Erbe), the Torre dei Lamberti is one of the few remaining towers in Verona, each of which would originally have represented the wealth and importance of a particular aristocratic family. This tower was started in 1171, but was constantly built on its top, giving it a very special style; the newest part is the marble part at the top. These towers helped organize city life during the Middle Ages, with one bell (Marangona) rung to mark the end of the working day or to warn citizens of a fire, and another bell (Rengo) rung to convene a council of war.

• Economic Square - Piazza dei Signori
This square is easily and often overlooked, but it was once very important to the government of the city of Verona, not to mention a finely structured and beautiful square in its own right. On the square there is a series of high arches and Dante's monument, as well as all the main buildings of the former city council, such as the courts and the seat of power of the then ruling Scaligeri family. Worth a look (just a few meters from Piazza delle Erbe), this one

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• Price per person €285
• accommodation with breakfast in ½ room,
• transport ZG – Verona – Noventa - ZG)
• van Mercedes 8+1
• number of people: 7
• departure: Saturday at 7:00 a.m., from the parking lot in front of the Zagreb City Administration (Stjepan Radić Square) across the street from the Motherland monument or by arrangement
• return: Sunday at 18:00 h

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